Nieman Reports

Spring 1994

Ethics On Trial

Cover for Spring 1994

Major Issues
“Surrender of the Gatekeepers” by David Shaw
“Tab Rags Face Gags” by Christina Lamb
“Who Cares About the Truth” by Michael J. O’Neill
“A New Agenda for Journalism” by Katherine Fulton
“A Cautionary Tale” by Frank Van Riper
“Reinventing Foreign Correspondence” by William Montalbano
Relevant Cases
“Bobby Ray Inman” by Lars-Erik Nelson
“Tonya Harding Orgy” by John Painter, Jr.
“Oregon Papers Tested by Packwood Case” by Patrick A. Yack
“Michael Jackson Scandal” Frontline Report
“TV Sitting on Stories to Improve Ratings” by Karl Idsvog
“TV News With a Conscience” by Danny Schechter
“Presuming They Know the Truth” by Judith Herman
“‘Iraqgate’—Stretching Beyond the Facts” by Zachary Karabell
“Mindfields in Mideast” by Joel Greenberg
“Bucking Party Line on Breast Implants” by Elinor J. Brecher
“The Faith Healer and the Photographer” by Fredric N. Tulsky
“Calling the Shots in a Small Town” by Mike Pride
“The Other Side: A Source’s Ethics” by Chuck Alston
“Canada Divided on Court Bans” by Joe Hall
Community Relations
“Connect With Community or Perish” by Katherine Fanning
“The Joys of an Activist Editor” by Tom Winship
“Balancing Bad News With Good” by Eileen Shanahan
“Black, Proud and Selective” by Betty Baye
“LaPrensa Pushes Ethics in Panama” by Roberto Eisenmann
“Indians Struggle on in Battle for Fairness” by Tim Giago
“Ethical Codes and Beyond” by Cleve Mathews
“Guidelines for Ethnic Conflicts” by Bruce J. Allyn and Steven Wilkinson
“Can Militant Minority Reporters Be Objective?” by Cynthia Tucker
“Errors Press Ignores” by Gilbert Cranberg and Betty Lin
“The Ombudsman as Ethicist” by Gordon McKibben
“Voice of the Privileged” by Joseph Seldner
“Editors as Lobbyists” by David DuBuisson
Spring Reading
“Herblock” by Herbert Block
“The Cost of Talent” by Derek Bok
“Out of Order” by Thomas E. Patterson
“A Sacred Trust” by Robert N. Pierce
“Behind The Times” by Edwin Diamond
“Live From the Battlefield” by Peter Arnett
“It Ain’t as Easy as It Looks” by Porter Bibb
“Fire With Fire” by Naomi Wolf
“Pictures at an Execution” by Wendy Lesser
“Death Beat” by Maria Jimena Duzan

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