Nieman Reports

Spring 1982

Graphic Examples

Cover for Spring 1982

“The Duality of Perception and Sight” by Tenney B. K. Lehman
“Giving a Graphic Example: The Increasing Use of Charts and Maps” by Howard S. Shapiro
“The Latin American Press in Recent Times” by Daniel Samper
“Reagan Economic Policy: Another Confession” by John Kenneth Galbraith
“The Complexities of Jacobo Timerman” by Kenneth Freed
“The Indecision-Makers: Problem for the Pollsters” by Gerald Stone
“Skeptic with Scruples” by Anthony Lewis
“Puerto Ricans in Connecticut” by John Long
“The State of the Fourth Estate” by Tom Johnson
“Reflections on World Peace” by George F. Kennan
“Prizes and Surprises” by Paul Lieberman
“Malice in Medialand” by Peter Brown

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Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Assistant Editor
Daphne B. Noyes
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Jan Morgan
James C. Thomson Jr.
Maria Rodriguez, 23, and Brenda, one of her five children. Brenda's bed is a hammock slung across the bedroom of their Hartford apartment. Photo by John Long.

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