Nieman Reports

Spring 1976

"Cantankerous, Obstinate, Ubiquitous": The Press

Cover for Spring 1976

“Editorial: Media-Law Conflicts: Is There a Solution?”
“‘Cantankerous, Obstinate, Ubiquitous’: The Press” by Anthony Lewis
“Reporting in the Wild West” by William Pinkerton
“Kidnapping, Terrorism, and the Media” by Sir Robert Mark
“Science Writing in the American Mass Media” by Günter Haaf
“Ethics and Journalism” by Harvey Cox, Jerald ter Horst and Krister Stendahl
“Journalism and War” by Barbara Tuchman
“The Boys in the Press Center” by Richard Longworth
“Memos from a Nieman Year” by Janos Horvat
“Independence Day, New York” by Foster Davis”
“Viewpoint: Educational Priorities” by John De Mott

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman
Associate Editor
Steven J. Erlanger

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