Nieman Reports

Spring 1975

Type and Tube

Cover for Spring 1975

“Guest Editorial: How fares the US press? Very well indeed!” by Mary McGrory
“Type and Tube” by David Ives, Richard Salant and Richard Wald
“Notes on the Press” by James Reston
“The Black Press in America” by Louis Martin and Moses J. Newsome
“Floating Prose in Washington” by William M. Pinkerton
“Reporting: A New Day” by Edwin D. Gritz
“Leads Grow Longer” by Max Hall
“A Radical journalist in the 1950s (Part I)” by James Aronson
“Viewpoint: On the Ending of a War” by James C. Thomson Jr.

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman
Circulation Manager
Carol H. Terzian

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