Nieman Reports

Spring 1961

Values of an Editor

Cover for Spring 1961

“The Campaign on TV” by Robert C. Smith
“The Values of An Editor” by Ralph McGill
“The Change-Over in Washington: A Correspondent Estimates the Prospects” by John L. Steele
“Campaign by Press Releases: Election Report from Iowa” by John M. Harrison
“How Not to Cover an Election”
“Responsibility of the Reporter and Editor” by Clifton Daniel
“Responsibilities of Ownership” by Gordon Gray
“Two Versions of a Rumor in Vienna”
“Printers’ Errors, Ancient and Modern, and Not Always Accidental” by Max Hall
“Editing—Unclogging Communications Pipelines” By Harold K. Mintz
“An Editor’s Tribute to Two Reporters” by Floyd Merrill
“The Imbalance in Canada-U.S. News Flow” by Robert A. Farquharson
“The Press in Chile – The Rectification Law” by Diane Stanley
“Letter To A Young Journalist From His Father” by Barry Bingham
“Disaster in Fleet Street”
“How Robust is Fleet Street’s State of Health?” by Jay Axelbank
“The Press and its Warts” by John Crosby
“Fed Up With The World’s Biggest Story” by Max Frankel
“When Panic Dispels Reason”
“Excerpts from an Editorial in Free China, March 16, 1958″
The Problem of Freedom in the Press in Formosa: Inquiry for the International Press Institute” by Armand Gaspard

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