Nieman Reports

Fall 1994

Reviving the Labor Beat

Cover for Fall 1994

“The Old and Future Labor Beat” by Murray Seeger
“Can American Media Tell the New Labor Story?” by Peter Pestillo
“The Growing Problem of Workplace Safety” by Frank Swoboda
“The Vast New Labor Beat” by John T. Dunlop
“The Quick and Easy Story” by Nancy Mills
“Louis Stark: The Reporter Who Blazed the Way”
“A New Kind of Reporter” by Ray Abernathy
“Innocents Abroad” by David Halberstam
“Spain’s Private TV Invigorates News Coverage” by Andrew Davis
“Speaking in Tongues” by Stephen Hess
“Annals of a Libel Suit: Excerpts of Janet Malcolm Trial”
“Football Games at Time of Tragedy” by Louis Gelfand
“Ethics at Papers Around the Country” by Columbia U. Students
“Hyphenated Americans” by Harry Ashmore
“Impact of New Technologies” by Journalism Professors
“Change, Respect and Great Journalism” by Time McGuire

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