Nieman Reports

Fall 1980

New News is Good News

Cover for Fall 1980

“Type & Tune” by Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
“New News is Good News” by Robert C. Maynard
“Racism in the Media” by Dexter Eure Sr., Phillip Martin, Gayle Perkins and Charles Seib
“Walter Lippmann, Cub Reporter” by Ronald Steel
“Elsinore on the Potomac” by Morton Mintz
“Places and Place Books” by Edward C. Norton
“Foreign Travel—Passport to Controversy” by Steve Brandt
“The Muse: Trysting by Day or Night” by William M. Pinkerton
“Mr. Lyons Goes to Washington—A Tribute” by Tenney Lehman, John Taylor, Samuel Beer, Jack Nelson, Louis Lyons and Morton Mintz
“The Final Vindication” by Percy Qoboza
“Sic Transit Gloria Emmy” by Danny Schechter
“Touchstones: A Reporter’s Reality” by Everette E. Dennis
“The Importance of Being an Egoist” by Robert H. Yoakum

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Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Assistant Editor
Daphne B. Noyes
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Janice Morgan
James C. Thomson Jr.

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