Nieman Reports

Fall 1970

Judge Warren Burger and the Press

Cover for Fall 1970

“Rebecca F. Gross Retires”
“The Burger Court and the Press” by Ronald J. Ostrow
“Growing Threats Against Freedom To Dissent” by Katharine Graham
“Let Us ‘Go To Our Strengths'” by Stuart Keate
“Boston Marathon Revisited” by George Amick
“Humanistic Writing” by Alex S. Edelstein and William E. Ames
“Journalism Credibility in the Complex 70’s” by John H. Colburn
“Halt Word Pollution!” by Robert H. Estabrook
“‘My Day’ in the Life of a Working Editor” by Rebecca F. Gross

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Editor Emeritus
Louis M. Lyons
Dwight E. Sargent
Managing Editor
Tenney K. Lehman

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