Nieman Reports

Fall 1959

Report on Africa

Cover for Fall 1959

“In Newest Africa: Three Nationalisms Compete for its Emerging Peoples” by William Gordon
“Small Town Stuff” by B. J. Laeufer
“Tom Stokes: What He Was Like” by Richard L. Strout
“What Editors Ask About Atoms”
“Mis-trial by Newspaper: Decision in U.S. vs. John Powell et al.”
“Whatever Happened To The Country Press?” by John C. Obert
“The Magazine Competition” by Charles E. Scripps
“Chicago’s Newspaper Concentration: ‘An Ex Parte View'” by Milburn P. Akers
“The Science Writer and the Doctor” by Frank Carey
“Is The Press Necessary?” by Evans Clinchy
“U.N. Debates Its ‘News'” by Louis B. Fleming
“Press Principles and Expediency” by Richard B. Eide

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