Nieman Reports

Fall 1956

The Press and the Campaign

Cover for Fall 1956

“Where They Are Now” by Louis M. Lyons
“Crisis in Communication” by Marquis Childs
“Staff Memo: 1956 Elections” by J. R. Wiggins
“The Press’ Stake in Performance Studies” by Charles E. Higbie
“A Basis For Fair Campaign Coverage” by Nathan B. Blumberg
“The Jury Does Not Wish To Be Judged” by Alex S. Edelstein
“Three Jobs for the Editorial Page” by John Hulteng
“Reporting The Findings of Economics” by Julius Duscha, J. Edward Hale and Richard E. Mooney
“Decisive Role of the Science Reporter” by Dr. Leona Baumgartner
“Government and the Citizen in Medical Research” by J. Percy Priest
“Are You Going To The Melbourne Games?” by Fred Flowers
“The Opportunity of Journalism” by Malcolm Bauer
“The Press of New Zealand” by Desmond Stone
“The South and the N.A.A.C.P.” by Richard L. Harwood
“Too Much of a Muchness” by Desmond Stone
“The Grass Roots Foreign Correspondent” by Blair Bolles
“Mr. Lippmann’s First Quarter-Century” by Alistair Cooke

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Louis M. Lyons

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