Nieman Reports

Fall 1954

Harold L. Cross on Infringements of Press Freedom

Cover for Fall 1954

“Is Crusading Over-rated?” by Will Lindley
“What An Editor Should Know” by Forrest W. Seymour
“There Is No Substitute For A Good Newspaper” by Norman E. Isaacs
“Not Flesh Or Fowl…” by Walter Gieber
“Whaddya Mean, Local?” by Sylvan Meyer
“A Country Editor’s Week”
“New Blood to Share Our Blended Heritage” by Mark Ethridge
“The Business of Writing” by Louis M. Lyons
“Should Country Editors Live In Vacuums?” by Stephen E. Fitzgerald
“Irish Luck Helps a Cook” by Elinor Lee
“Our Straining Times: The Public Mind 1929-1954” by Max Hall
“Where Stands The Battle Line On Press Freedom?” by Harold L. Cross

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Louis M. Lyons

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