Nieman Reports

Fall 1948

Reporter in the Bear's Den

Cover for Fall 1948

“The Hallmark of a Profession” by Vannevar Bush
“Reporter in the Bear’s Den” by Harry Martin
“Newspaperman’s Journalism School” by T. E. Kruglak
“Editorial Writing Made Easy” by Louis M. Lyons
“Man and Newspaperman” by Walter H. Waggoner
“Massa’s In De Cold, Cold Ground” by William Stucky
“The Cherokee Phoenix” by C. W. Gilmore
“Some of My Best Friends Were Pirates” by Robert Shaplen
“Editorials—Whether, Why and Whither” by Rebecca F. Gross
“Ralph L. Crosman – Crusader for Responsible Journalism – 1885-1948”
“The Newspapers’s Blind Spot” by Nathan Robertson
“Is There Enough Demand for Better Handling of News?” by Ferdinand Lundberg
“The Human Nature of Newspapers” by Gerald Johnson
“Civil Liberties Quest in South Curtailed by Atom Bomb’s Shadow” by Thomas Sancton

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Louis M. Lyons

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