Dan Wakefield

About Dan Wakefield

Dan Wakefield, NF ’64, edited and annotated "Kurt Vonnegut: Letters," published in October by Delacorte. Wakefield, a faculty mentor in the MFA writing program at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is also the author of the novels "Going All The Way" and "Starting Over," both of which were made into feature films, and the memoirs "Returning: A Spiritual Journey" and "New York in the Fifties," which was made into a documentary. In 2012 he returned to live in Indianapolis, his and Kurt Vonnegut’s hometown.

“Get This Boy in Our Stable”

By Nieman Notes March 12, 2013

Dan Wakefield, NF ’64, edited and annotated the recently published “Kurt Vonnegut: Letters.” Here he reflects on first meeting Vonnegut during his Nieman year and the impact the resulting friendship had on his own writing career Read more