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A Dozen Tips for Stories About Nonprofits

By Features March 15, 1998

A dozen story suggestions from editors, reporters and nonprofit leaders: Nonproflts that deliver. Gather information on all major nonprofits serving your area, and compare the amount of resources they devote to solving problems, paying salaries, covering administrative costs and raising … Read more

Misappropriation of Public Resource

By Local News March 15, 1998

Most of the seasoned journalists, that is, people who began in the 80’s or were studying in the 80’s.. .feel very uncomfortable about what’s happening. And they do not speak because they have mortgages, they need to feed families, they … Read more

Response: Help Is Available

By Watchdog March 15, 1998

I start with a point from Richard Parker’s discussion of needed improvements in journalism education and apply it more broadly. Parker argues that "fundamental democratic political concerns" should provide the context in which business and economics are taught to journalism … Read more

Is Anything Really Wrong?

By Watchdog March 15, 1998

Some years ago The New York Times editorial page expressed the complacent notion that "great publications magnify the voice of any single writer." The statement is misleading. The instruments of the media multiply or amplify a voice, serving much the … Read more

Response: Demystify the Subject

By Watchdog March 15, 1998

Once upon a time I thought, along with Richard Parker, that "watchdog" journalism equaled "muckraking," which would lead to "making America better." Indeed, when Richard recruited me to help him with Motherjones magazine in the mid-’70’s, it was because we … Read more

Spring 1998: Nonprofits Introduction

Features March 15, 1998

Francis Warm shows copy of records the Nazis kept of their pillaging of art from his great-uncle’s estate in France. Many of the paintings are now in museums. Boston Globe Photo/Alastair Miller. Read more