At The Providence Journal, online editor Andrea Panciera writes that all sorts of barriers between the online and print staffs must be broken down so that “the editorial voice that we’ve been searching for” can exist on the Web. Jonathan Klein, who founded The FeedRoom (a news network on the Web), debunks arguments about the threat posed to democracy when consumers decide what stories to watch, rather than journalists. Katie King, a vice president at Reuters Media, explains that Reuters banks on the reliability of its reporting and markets it online, 24/7, in 11 languages and 18 countries. Jackie Barron, a local TV news reporter in Tampa, Florida, covered a murder trial and reported daily for three different media—TV, newspaper and the Web. She writes about multimedia reporting from the frontlines of media convergence. John Tarleton, an independent reporter, describes how protesters develop their own news sites on the Web, and John Gage, chief researcher for Sun Microsystems, suggests how the Internet provides a great opportunity for students to become education reporters.

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