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Fall 2001: Introduction

By Visual Journalism September 15, 2001

At a time when so much of journalism is quicker, shorter and hyped to grab the public’s presumed short-attention span, the documentary—with its slower pace and meandering moments—is finding receptive audiences in many old places and some new ones as well. In this issue of Nieman Reports, we’ve asked those who document our world to explore how their work converges with ours. How is what they do related to journalism? And what does the documentary form allow its adherents to do in reporting news or exploring issues that other forms of journalism do not? Read more

Remembering Documentary Moments

Visual Journalism September 15, 2001

Looking back at television’s more than 50-year history, the “golden years” for documentaries on both the networks and the affiliates came during a 20-year period beginning in the mid-1960’s and lasting until the mid-1980’s. A review of the archives of … Read more