Nieman Notes

Winter 2011: Class Notes

By Nieman Notes December 15, 2011

Annual Report Chronicles Foundation’s Growth The past year has been a time of transition and new beginnings for the Nieman Foundation. Bob Giles, NF ’66, retired as Nieman curator, wrapping … Read more

Fall 2011: Class Notes

By Nieman Notes September 9, 2011

Cases unheard. Justice denied. These words fit many crimes committed with racial intent a half century ago. Now reporters burrow into forgotten files, locate witnesses, track down suspects, publish what they find—and write for us about their work that in some cases is resulting in justice finally being served. Journalists then explore how stories about black America are told today. Next, our focus turns to news reporting in a time of revolutionary change in Arab nations. Intriguing essays then transport us from Iran to Indonesia, from financial collapse to consensus building, from envisioning computers replacing journalists to reporting from war’s frontlines. —Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more