Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor December 15, 1998

October 6, 1998 New York City To the Editor: The question asked in your review [Fall 1998] of the Robert D. Richards’ book “Freedom’s Choice” about the right of the editor vs. that of the publisher of a newspaper … Read more

Full Quotation on Newsroom Ethics

Letters to the Editor September 15, 1998

Athens, Georgia To the Editor: Undoubtedly under severe space constraints, my good friend Phil Meyer and his co-author, M. David Arant, plucked a six-word quote from my book to lead their fine article on newsroom ethics (“Changing Values in the … Read more

Indians Left Out

Letters to the Editor June 15, 1998

Rapid City, South Dakota To the Editor: I read with interest your “Watchdog” articles in Nieman Reports. I was a little disappointed Indians were excluded. Dealing day in and day out with sovereign nations requires us (the Indian press) to … Read more