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Documenting the Orangeburg Massacre

By Books September 15, 2003

At 10:33 p.m. on the night of February 8, 1968, eight to 10 seconds of police gunfire left three young black men dying and 27 wounded on the campus of South Carolina State College in Orangeburg. Exactly 33 years … Read more

Books Every Science Writer Should Read

Books September 15, 2002

This list of recommended books has been assembled by Boyce Rensberger, director of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It represents only a start on background reading and is not meant as an exhaustive compilation. Read more

Spring 2001: Book Reviews Introduction

By Books March 15, 2001

Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, reviews “Drive-By Journalism: The Assault on Your Need to Know,” by Arthur Rowse. Anil Padmanabhan, a 2001 Nieman Fellow and economic affairs editor for Business Standard … Read more