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Recognizing Excellence

By From the Curator March 15, 2008

Investigative reporting has always been central to the Nieman experience. Journalists specializing in investigative work continue to populate Nieman classes. Speakers address the topic at seminars and workshops. The Nieman Watchdog project ( offers a platform to reinforce an essential … Read more

Valued Classroom Resources

By Opinion March 15, 2008

RELATED ARTICLES “Teaching Multimedia Journalism” – Rebecca MacKinnon I haven’t found a comparable guide to Briggs’s book written with non-American journalists in mind. The “Introduction to Global Citizen Media,” published by Rising Voices, another Knight Foundation … Read more

Teaching Multimedia Journalism

By Opinion March 15, 2008

News organizations throughout the world require journalists to report for multiple platforms, including the Web. In my role as a journalism professor at the University of Hong Kong and the faculty member responsible for our core New Media Workshop, it … Read more