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Spring 2002: Women and Journalism Introduction

By Women and Journalism: U.S. Perspectives March 15, 2002

In her 2010 Niemen Reports essay, the late pioneering journalist Kay Mills observed that “in 2009, women were 34.8 per cent of newsroom supervisors and 37 percent of newsroom employees, and those figures are down slightly in each category from the previous year. In 1971, 22 percent of daily newspaper journalists were women. This doesn’t seem like enough progress to have made in nearly four decades, especially at a time when there are far fewer newsroom jobs.” Read Kay’s essay and the stories American women journalists wrote for Nieman Reports a decade ago. Read more

Conference Diary

Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference March 15, 2002

Ideas and insights, opinions and suggestions—all of these surfaced again and again in the swirl of presentations. What follows are snippets from these sessions that didn’t find a home on the previous pages but merit consideration. ‘So what is … Read more