Nieman Reports

Spring 1986


Cover for Spring 1986

"Progeny by Pring" by Tenney B. K. Lehman
"Common Ground by J. Anthony Lukas" by Martin Linsky
"Racial Attitudes in America by Howard Schuman, Charlotte Steeb, and Lawrence Bobo" by Herbert Denton
"The Inman Diary edited by Daniel Aaron" by Dan Wakefield
"James Agee — Selected Journalism edited by Paul Ashdown" by Madeleine Blais
"The Untapped Power of the Press by Lewis Wolfson" by Andrew J. Glass
"The News at Any Cost by Tom Goldstein" by Michael Gartner
"Harold Ickes of the New Deal by Graham White and John Maze" by Cecil D. Andrus
"Ralph Ingersoll — A Biography by Roy Hoopes" by Richard Harwood
"Selling Out by Dan Wakefield" by Robert Kiely
"When Information Counts edited by Bernard Rubin" by William K. Marimow
"Nicaragua: Revolution in the Family by Shirley Christian" by Deborah B. Johnson
"Move Your Shadow by Joseph Lelyveld" by Richard S. Steyn
"Sovieticus by Stephen F. Cohen" by Richard C. Longworth
"The Newspaper Survival Book by Philip Meyer" by Barry Sussman
"Keeping in Touch by Ellen Goodman" by Margeret Engel
"Propaganda in an Open Society by Richard W. Steele" by Harry S. Ashmore"

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Howard Simons
Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Consulting Editor
Nancy Day
Editorial Assistant
Elizabeth Tibbitts
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Jan Morgan

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