A Reader’s View: Novelists Outdo Journalists

By Books September 15, 1998

After years of self-satisfied isolation, Indonesia finds itself exposed on the world’s financial pages and, occasionally, on front pages. The last time journalists paid so much attention to this immense, complex and fascinating country was 30 years ago when blood … Read more

Responsibility to Be Honest

By Books September 15, 1998

From November 1936, when Life magazine’s first issue appeared, until it stopped publication as a weekly in 1972, 88 of the most innovative and revered photographers found, at one time or another, a home for their oftentimes groundbreaking photography. “Life … Read more

Scorned Tabloid Lover Bares His Bitterness

By Books September 15, 1998

News Is A VerbPete Hamill Library of Contemporary Thought. 102 Pages. $8.95.In the flood of literature lamenting the demise of good journalism, this 102-page book is a small gem. I do not say this because Pete Hamill, author and … Read more

Verifying Truth in Data Deluge

Books September 15, 1998

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. We should not kid ourselves by thinking that other people and institutions cannot gather and distribute crucial information. They can, they are, and they will. We are being backed into … Read more

Pioneer in Coverage of Racial Injustice

By Books September 15, 1998

The Baltimore Afro-American, 1892-1950Howard Farrar Greenwood Publishing Group 220 Pages. $59.95.Relatively little has been written about the struggle and rise to prominence of America’s most prodigious black newspapers. Now, with the publication of “The Baltimore … Read more